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Summer on

Free children up to 14 Years old

Free children up to 14 Years old
(If in a room with 2 adults, minimum 7 nights)
SUPERIOR at the cost of the CLASSIC
(Excluding tourist tax)

Close summer 2019 with a great price! Book now and grab the best room at a great price! 
from 7 to 14 September
packages per week per person.

Basic Package 
(Natural or sparkling water)  
for only € 308,00

Top Package 
(Natural or sparkling water, white or red wine not sparkling, beach service 1 umbrella + 2 beds per room) 
for only € 350,00

the rates will be applied to all types of room (subject to availability)
and remember .... children are FREE up to 14 years
(if in a room with 2 adults minimum 7 nights)

Hurry up those who first book better stay!

From 7 to 14 september

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